Registration continues for Holy Mother’s Luncheon with Guest Swami Medhananda. This will take place at 11am, Sunday, July 14th. In addition to being a scholar and popular Vedantic YouTuber, Swami Medhananda was recently featured in  “America’s First Guru” on PBS. REGISTER HERE

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Vedanta, the essence of Hinduism, was expounded by sages of ancient India who had come to understand certain divine truths about the meaning and purpose of human life. Vedanta teaches that all our problems stem from being ignorant of our true divine nature, and that this ignorance can be got rid of by means of various paths called yogas.  The idea of the harmony of all faiths is inherent in the scriptures of Vedanta, which declare, “God is One; different sages call the same God by different names.” Read more

The Vedanta Society, established in 1938, promotes Vedanta through weekly lectures, a variety of publications, devotional singing, monthly retreat programs, and annual worship festivals. Personal spiritual instruction is also given by Swami Bhaskarananda, the spiritual head of our center. Read more