How can the mind know infinity, because the mind is finite?

ANSWER: If the finite mind claims that it has known infinity, then that infinity has already become finite. The ancient sages said, “No, it cannot be known the way you know things. It has to be known differently.”

There is a completely different way of knowing. In any ordinary kind of acquisition of knowledge, there is a triad, which in Sanskrit is called triputi. That triad is composed of the knower, knowledge and the object known.

There is a book. I know its existence. This is the object of my knowledge. And I am the knower. And I have acquired knowledge of its existence. These three must coexist. If one is not there, the other two won’t be there. If there is no knower, there cannot be any knowledge; there cannot be any object known. In this manner it can be proved that all the three must coexist. If one exists, the other two must exist also. But in the acquisition of the knowledge of Brahman, or that ultimate truth, this triad does not apply.