Bookshop SpreadThe Society’s bookshop has an especially fine selection of books covering all aspects of Hinduism and Vedanta. There are translations of Sanskrit scriptures, books on meditation, spiritual practice, yoga, biographies and the teachings of saints, and religious books for children. Many religious gifts and items, such as incense, statues, posters, calendars, magnets, greeting cards, pictures, and “OM” symbols, are also available. The bookstore is open before and after classes; for other times please call. Suggested reading

Books can be ordered by phone, mail or fax. We currently are not equipped to process book orders through our website or email. Please do not email us any sensitive information such as credit card numbers, etc.

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Phone: 206.323.1228
Fax: 206.329.1791
Email (Inquiries only):

Vedanta Society Bookshop
2716 Broadway East
Seattle, WA 98102-3909