The Smuggler

The Brazilian police at the border between Brazil and Paraguay noticed a woman on a motor bike enter Brazil everyday. They suspected that the woman was a smuggler. But every time they searched her belongings they found that she carried only a small sack. When they emptied the sack they found nothing but sand. No contraband goods!
This went on for several years. The police were puzzled. One day the chief of the Brazilian border police said to the woman, “We are sure that you’re smuggling something every day from Paraguay into Brazil. But through all these years of searching we’ve found nothing. This is a mystery to us. Will you please tell us what you’re smuggling? Surely you’re not smuggling sand? I give my word that if you tell us, you will never again be stopped at our border and searched for contraband goods.”

” You won’t search me ever again? Word of honor?” asked the woman.

” Word of honor!” replied the chief of police.

Then the woman said, “All these years I’ve been smuggling motor bikes!”