The Three Swamis and the Bats

Three swamis were sitting in the shade of a huge banyan tree and sharing the problems in their work.
The first one said, “I’ve a big problem with bats in my temple. A few hundred of them are clinging to the ceiling of the temple and continually dirtying its marble floor with their droppings. When other methods failed I took a drastic step. Out of desperation, I tried to chase them out with a slingshot. As I’m a lousy shot, not a single bat was hit, but I managed to damage the valuable artwork on the ceiling. All the bats are still there.”
The second swami said, “I also have exactly the same problem with bats in the temple. We tried many times to get rid of them. Once we caught all the bats and put them in a large cage. Then we drove 50 miles away and released them. By the time we returned, the bats had already come back to the temple.”
Then the third swami said, “I also had the same problem with bats in the temple, but I’ve solved it successfully.”
At this the other two swamis were amazed. They asked, “How did you do it? Did you use some kind of powerful poison?”
“No,” replied the swami, “I just gave them spiritual initiation and asked them to meditate three times a day. Since then I haven’t seen them in the temple.”