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Founded in 1938, the Vedanta Society of Western Washington is a fully accredited branch of the Ramakrishna Order of India which was established by Swami Vivekananda in 1894. This is the first Hindu Temple of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission (as it is known in India) in Washington State. Vedanta, which means the end of the Vedas, speaks of man’s true nature which is divine and of the essential harmony of all religions. These teachings and the Order to which the Society belongs are inspired by the life of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (1836-1886), the greatest Hindu saint of 19th century India.

Swami Vividishananda

Swami Vividishananda

The founder of The Vedanta Society of Western Washington was Swami Vividishananda. After working in several American cities, he came to Seattle in 1938 and founded The Ramakrishna Vedanta Center of Seattle. In 1979 this center changed its name to The Vedanta Society of Western Washington. The building at 2716 Broadway Ave East, which the Society now occupies was purchased in 1942.

Swami Bhaskarananda

Swami Bhaskarananda

President and Swami-in-charge emeritus of the Vedanta Society of Western Washington is Swami Bhaskarananda who was sent by the Order to assist an aging Swami Vividishananda in 1974. Under Swami Bhaskarananda’s leadership the Society enjoyed considerable growth, including the purchase and development of a retreat property called Tapovan, and the purchase of Vivekananda House–which serves as the monastic residence–situated across the street from the present Temple in Seattle.


Swami Satyamayananda

Swami Satyamayananda

Swami Satyamayananda joined the Ramakrishna Order at Advaita Ashrama, Kolkata in 1988. An initiated disciple of Swami Bhuteshananda (the 12th president of the Order), he served in various capacities at Advaita Ashrama. In 2008, he joined the Probationers’ Training Center, Belur Math, as an Acharya (teacher).
In 2010, the Swami was posted to Advaita Ashrama, Mayavati, to serve as editor of Prabuddha Bharata or Awakened India, an English-language magazine of the Ramakrishna Order started by Swami Vivekananda in 1896. He is the author of three books and has written numerous articles for the Ramakrishna Order’s journals.
In 2014, he was appointed as the Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Kanpur in 2014. He joined the Vedanta Society of Southern California as Assistant Minister in December of 2018. In 2022 he was assigned to be Assistant Minister to the Vedanta Society of Western Washington, in Seattle, and in 2023 became the President and Minister-in-charge.

There are about sixteen Vedanta Societies in the United States and Canada, each guided by one or more Swamis of the Ramakrishna Order. Each Center is an autonomous non-profit corporation, financially self supporting but spiritually affiliated with the Ramakrishna Order of India. The word ‘Swami’ means a monk, one who has renounced family and possessions to devote his whole life to the realization of God and the service of humanity. It has always been a tradition in India that religion is most effectively taught by monks and nuns, who are devoting all their time and energy to practicing what they preach.

Aims of the Vedanta Society of Western Washington

  1. To disseminate the ethics, psychology and the universal spiritual philosophy of Vedanta through the practice and culture of reason, love, meditation and work.
  2. To promote fellowship, harmony and peace among mankind by inculcating the fundamental unity of the origin and goal of man.

Points of Interest


The Society owns a beautiful 21 acre property called Tapovan in Snohomish County, 45 miles from Seattle. Every month a daylong retreat program consisting of holy readings, devotional songs, and a potluck luncheon is held there. All are welcome.


The Society’s bookshop is open before and after regularly scheduled classes and at other times by appointment.

Viveka Press and Global Vedanta

Viveka Press is the publishing arm of the Society. Among the publications offered by the press are The Essentials of Hinduism; Meditation, Mind and Patanjali’s Yoga; Life in Indian Monasteries and other titles by Swami Bhaskarananda.

Global Vedanta is a quarterly journal also published by Viveka Press. The journal serves the worldwide Vedanta community with articles, book reviews, interviews, and humor on various aspects of Vedanta and the Vedanta movement.


The Society has a lending library for members. It contains a large and highly unique selection of books on various philosophies and religions, including Vedanta. The library is open before and after all lectures; for other times, please call the Society. Suggested reading


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